Wahed Invest : Is It A Scam or Legit Investment?

Lately I have received lots of enquiries regarding this investment.

Let me give you some review, tips & tricks about this type of investment.

  1. Wahed invest is a Legit Investment licensed by Security Comission as Digital Investment Management Company in October 2019

  2. The First Islamic Digital Investment Manager License in Malaysia ( Malaysia is on its way to become Islamic FinTech Hub ). There are few more digital investment platform but they are all non shariah compliance

  3. Wahed Invest is using artificial intelligence to build and manage your investment portfolio. Meaning you only need to deposit your money into the account and let your roboadvisor do the fund management but you can monitor your account using its apps ( available for androids & apple use )


Since its Launching day, I have started using Wahed in November 2019 within a week of its launching date.

( I am one of the  industry player, therefore have sense its coming  beforehand )


My reason of investment with Wahed :

  1. Shariah Compliance : World’s first shariah compliance Roboadvisor, no Riba’ involved.
  2. Leverage : Using Roboadvisor as fund manager suits my busy schedule
  3. Small start up Capital : as low as RM 100 
  4. Licensed Investment : Regulated by Security Comission of Malaysia
  5. Portfolio : Asset allocation in stocks ( Equity ), Gold, Sukuk, Cash
  6. Good Diversification : Exposure to local & US stocks market ( ETF )
  7. Flexibility : Available in low Lump Sump & Regular Investment
  8. Liquid : Easy in, easy out
  9. Accessible : Online transaction and monitoring at fingertips anytime, anywhere
  10. No lock in period : can deposit & withdraw at anytime



High referral fees : USD$5 for every successful referral ( ~RM40 )

This part is very interesting and I honestly don’t know how long this will lasts and surprisingly its quite high. An indeed good  guaranteed return.

Eg : You invest RM100, but you get RM40 referral fees for every successful referral. That’s 40% profit already and this is why a lot of people are making free money out of it and making this referral fees as their business. But, please be ethical on this.



There are 7 types of risk portfolio available 

Quite a lot compared to normal investment portfolio available in 3-4 portfolio only.

  1. Gold ( New Portfolio )
  2. Very Conservative 
  3. Moderately Conservative 
  4. Moderate
  5. Moderate Aggressive
  6. Aggressive
  7. Very Aggressive

Refer to picture for schedule of summary

GOLD 4.17% 97.5% 2.5%
MODERATE CONSERVATIVE 6.65% 12.5% 5% 75% 5% 2.5%
MODERATE 7.6% 22.5% 12.5% 55% 7.5% 2.5%
MODERATE AGRESSIVE 8.97% 37.5 15% 35% 10% 2.5%
AGRESSIVE 9.64% 45% 17.5% 25% 10% 2.5%
VERY AGRESSIVE 11.41% 65% 20% 12.5% 2.5%


Use Common sense in choosing your portfolio  : High Risk, High return

GUIDE : Only choose your “ ready to loss portfolio “ not return as this investment is not yet has long historical portfolio return in Malaysia. Meaning if you are ready to have double digit return, makesure you are ready to see double digit loss too. I mean in terms of percentage here not the amount of money. ( ready to make 25% profit, ready to face 25% loss )

*WAHED invest allow you to have 2 different portfolio but you need to use different email address.

e.g : Portfolio 1 : Aggressive Portfolio

        Portfolio 2 : Moderate Conservative Portfolio


  1. Set your  investment goals before starting any investment
  2. Choose the right risk portfolio
  3. Invest at your own risk ( I am not your investment advisor in WAHED nor you do investment planning with me )



  1. Use your emergency savings to invest using this Apps , Please  use EXCESS MONEY ONLY
  2. Use high start up capital if you are new investor. Start low and  top up ONLY  if you already feel comfortable riding the investment volatility.
  3. Refer people to Wahed  if you have not yet feel the paper loss & gain
  4. Be Greedy. Only invest with potential loss you are able to withstand.
  5. Put all eggs in one basket. Meaning Do not use all available funds to invest in Wahed as there are many other investment tools out there but it is not wrong to try out this new platform.


  1. Discretionary portfolio management – meaning you have no control over the portfolio because you have leveraged to wahed roboadvisor to manage it for you
  2. New investment model ( not so much data on its historical portfolio performance )


RULES : “ Never fully invest at all times “



  • Started investing in November 2019 , Made 25% in May 11 and today down to 17% today May 16 ( down to 8% within 5 days ) and it might go even lower depends on market movement
  • This is how volatile it can be and make sure you can absorb this risk

Disclaimer : This is just a personal review, not an investment advice thus I am not responsible for any future loss & damage that you might face by investing in Wahed. 


Inaz Hashim
Security Comission Licensed Financial Planner


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