Making informed choices about your future, and financial security of your loved ones is very crucial. The decisions you make regarding your current income, savings, and investments can make a substantial difference to the opportunities available to you in retirement as well as fund for your children education.

I offer a professional financial planning to navigate you through the journey of healthy financial positions.

Cashflow Analysis & Planning

Cash flow, or looking at money going in and out, may be the most important part of a financial plan. A good cash flow management plan can allow for discretionary spending, while helping clients manage upfront expenses and still save for their long-term goals.


By helping you to review your expenses, i can empower you with information to make informed, realistic decisions. By the end of the cash flow analysis, you should have a great idea about how your cash flow situation impacts your ability to achieve your goals and objectives, and what corrections needed to make in order to shape your financial future.


You will know how much allocation to go for your savings, investments, insurance, car loans, housing loans and personal expenses through cash flow planning.

Debt Management

Most people, regardless of their net worth or level of income, carry debt—whether it’s from buying a home or from financing another big-ticket purchase, such as a new car.

Conventional wisdom says that as long as there is enough income to cover regular debt repayments, then debt is an acceptable part of a financial plan. But carrying an excessive amount debt can restrict a person’s ability to take advantage of certain financial opportunities. And the interest that accrues on any loan is money that’s not available to be invested for other purposes.

We help assess whether or not our clients’ level of debt is healthy—and, if not, to provide methods that can help them get their finances back under control. 

Insurance/Takaful Planning & Review

“You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.”

Insurance planning is to protect yourself, your family and loved ones, your home, your assets, or your business against unexpected events. The planning is vital to identify and analyze risk factors in life and seek proper coverage to attain a peace of mind and eases financial burdens that can occur when disaster strikes.

Carrying insurance is crucial, but the most important aspect is carrying the appropriate type of insurance. Each person has different insurance needs tied to his/her unique situation.

Understanding this, I will help you to review your current insurance/ takaful  plan and tell you weather they are adequate or not ( if you have any ). Being an independent financial advisor enable me to offer you an expert, non biased advice.  Knowing there is no “one size fits all” your plan will be a combination of plan from few companies, and you will get the best plan in the market.

Investment Planning & Portfolio

There is a wide variety of investment options, including shares, bonds, mutual funds, bank deposits, real estate and futures and options. Through investment planning, i can help you identify the most appropriate portfolio mix that suits your risk profile.


I will help you to navigate through the investment safety, growth and and income that you will get from your investment by choosing the right investment vehicle to meet your financial objectives. I will advice you on the right amount to invest, where to invest and how long to invest based on your investment risk level without being financial product pusher.


You will see how i will assist you to enhance your future wealth through capital gain & income earning by strengthening your investment portfolio and save on taxes you pay.

Education Planning

Planning for your children’s education is probably one of the most important goals you will have as a parent. At the same time, parents often get confused on what are the best options for them to save or invest to build the fund.

Unit trusts agent says buy unit trusts, but what if the fund is not performing well? If you meet property agent, no matter how good they are, they will say  buy property now and sell later. Again, you will have a worry what if that property cannot be liquidated on time? Where are you going to get the fund to send your child to further their studies? Your friend who is a remisier might ask you to buy an equity and your cousin might advice you to just buy gold and let the price appreciate over time. At the same time, your insurance agent will try to sell you their education funds product and says they are the best in the market.

You might get more and more confused on trying to get the right information from different different people.

Through my professional financial advisory, I will guide you on the tips & trick of building the right education fund for your precious children so that it is available to you on the time. I will guide you by building the right portfolio so that the education fund is safe & secure so does your child’s future.

Retirement Planning

Many people has made mistake in viewing retirement as a destination instead of a journey. That is why 3 out of 4 Malaysian have insufficient fund for their retirement.


In preparing for retirement, you might want to ask yourself these questions :

  • When is the best time to prepare?
  • How much money I need monthly in retirement years ?
  • How much would be enough to lasts throughout my retirement ?
  • I already have pension / KWSP Fund, do I need more fund?
  • I want to retire at 50, how much I have to set aside every month?
  • What a comfortable retirement will costs me?


Worry not, I will be with you to answer all these questions easily for you. Ensuring whatever you are earning and saving now will bring you a great retirement journey with your loved ones through proper retirement planning advice.

Legacy Planning

“ A person should not let two nights pass without a Will “

Said The Holy Prophet (saw) said in Hadith Abu Daud, Bukhari & Muslim

“When death approaches one of you, it is your duty to make a Will for parents and close family members in the matter of your estate, fairly. This is an obligation for the righteous.” Al-Quran (2:181)

You might have heard the term like Will, Hibah, Trusts, Faraid, Probate, Waqf but still confuse what are these instruments are for? I have all the explanation for you and will do all these arrangement for you based on your needs. All you need to do is to let me know what are your wishes and how do you want it to be distributed to your loved ones after knowing the importance each of the estate planning component.

Let me tell you 5 reasons why you need to do estate planning.

  1. To protect your spouse & your young children ( Hibah & Trusts )
  2. To plan for your own welfare ( Sedeqah & Waqf )
  3. To eliminate family messes when you are gone ( Will )
  4. To prevent your wealth to be passed on to unintended beneficiaries ( Faraid )
  5. To passed on your wealth to the next generation ( Trust )

Tax & Zakat Planning

After creating and accumulating wealth, protecting & preserving it, we must purify our assets with paying zakat & taxes.

However, Many people did not realise that they are paying more taxes than they should. Through proper financial planning, you will be surprised how you can save much more money to invest by reducing the amount of tax that you should be paying.

Fees & Charges

Need a professional advice to assist you in managing your personal finance? 

I offer you an expert advice at an affordable and flexible rate based on your needs.

    1. Hourly rate : RM 300 / hour
    2. Starter Plan : RM 350 
    3. Family Plan :  RM 500
    4. Focused Advisory : RM 500 ++
    5. Product Advisory & Quotation : RM 200 ++
    6. Modular Plan : RM 1000 – RM 1500
    7. Comprehensive Financial Plan : RM 3000 – RM 10,000
    8. Annual Retainer fee : 0.5% to 2.0%  per year
    9. Personal Financial Coaching :  RM500 -1000
    Corporate Talk & Training RM 1500 onwards

Example of Insurane/Takaful Plan

If you are on your own, and about to start your financial planning journey, I suggest you to start with engaging me through  the Starter Plan.  Through these few hours of collaborative session, you will get better overview on how you should navigate towards successful financial journey.


You might already have your own investment portfolio at this moment, but you need an expert to look at how well they are doing  with some analysis & evaluation. Thus, a Focused advisory  plan might be the most suitable advisory to start with.


Don’t need any professional advisory? But require a Quotation on finding the right  insurance/takaful product for yourself or your family? YES! Can still get a quotation from 3 different company that fits your pocket at RM50 per person. With only RM50 per quotation, you will be able to save up to RM500 on your monthly commitment and RM6000 a year!