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Lets achieve your financial goals through Non-biased, hollistic financial planning with Independent and Licensed Financial advisor

About Me

Fulltime, Experience, Independent and  Comprehensive Financial Planner that focus on helping  people in making informed financial decisions through  Professional and Non-biased financial advisory. 

I assist my client to achieve their financial goals by providing holistic end-to-end wealth management services in financial planning.

Why Choose Me

  • Medical Degree : MB BCh BAO from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland & PMC
  • Professional Qualifications : Shariah Registered Financial Planner ( ShRFP )
  • A Member of Malaysia Financial Planning Council ( MFPC )
  • Security Comission :  Capital Market Service Representative License    eCMSRL/B8241/2018
  • Bank Negara Malaysia : Islamic Financial Adviser ( IFA )
  • Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia : 043-0-21791 
  • Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (PRS ) : P-043-0-20323
  • 3 years in government as Healthcare Professionals 
  • 6 years in financial industry ( Since 2015 )
  • 10 years in business management
  • Currently having  7 digit assets under management
  • Managing High Net Worth individuals

I work best with Busy Professionals and Business Owners :

  • Private Hospital Specialists & Consultants
  • Government Medical Officers & Specialist
  • Engineers & Consultant Engineers
  • Dental & Medical Clinic Owners
  • Busy Professionals : Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Accountants
  • Business Owners 

Wealth Services

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Cashflow Analysis

Analysis of income & spending and advice on proper budgeting


Financial Health

Get to know your financial position through analysis & assesment


Debt Management

Get best advice on how to  manage & pay off debts


Wealth Protection

Personalised risk management plan & analysis  based on your needs


Investment Planning

Achieve financial goals through Diversified Portfolio & Asset Allocation


Education Planning

Get expert advice to secure your children’s future 


Retirement Planning

Assure how your wealth can retire you on time, comfortably and lasts for entire life


Legacy Planning

Prepare wealth transfer using Will, Wasiat, Hibah, Waqf & Trusts



1. Aberdeen Islamic Asset Management Sdn. Bhd.
2. Affin Hwang Asset Management
3. Amanah Mutual Berhad
4. AmanahRaya Investment Management Sdn. Bhd.
5. AmFunds Management Berhad
6. Amundi Malaysia Sdn Bhd
7. BIMB Investment Management Berhad
8. CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad
9. Eastspring Investments Berhad
10. Franklin Templeton Asset Management (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
11. Franklin Templeton GSC Asset Management Sdn Bhd
12. Inter Pacific Asset Management Sdn Bhd
13. KAF Investment Funds Berhad
14. Kenanga Investors Berhad
15. Libra Invest Berhad
16. Manulife Asset Management Services Berhad
17. Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd
18. MIDF Amanah Asset Management Berhad
19. Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited
20. Opus Asset Management Sdn Bhd
21. Pacific Mutual Fund Berhad
22. PMB Investment Berhad
23. Pheim Unit Trusts Berhad
24. Phllip Mutual Berhad
25. Phillip Capital Management Sdn Bhd
26. RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd
27. RHB Islamic International Asset Management Sdn Bhd
28. TA Investment Management Berhad
29. UOB Asset Management (Malaysia) Berhad

1. Affin Hwang Asset Management
2. AIA Pension & Asset Management Sdn Bhd
3. AmInvestment Service Berhad
4. CIMB-Principal Asset Management Bhd
5. Kenanga Investors Berhad
6. Manulife Asset Management Service Berhad
7. RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd

2. AIA Public Takaful
3. Hong Leong MSIG Takaful
4. Zurich Takaful
5. Takaful Malaysia
6. Takaful Ikhlas
7. Archipelago
8. Etiqa Takaful

1. Unit Amanah (Unit Trust) – KWSP / EPF
2. Unit Amanah (Unit Trust) – Wrap Account, Zero Fees*, No charge for rebalancing/switch
3. Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)
4. Private Managed Account (Share)
5. Private Managed Account for Retirement (Share investment using KWSP/EPF)
6. Private Managed Account for Retirement (ETF investment using KWSP/EPF)
7. Global Wrap Account & Futures
8. Money Market Fund

  1. RHB Trustee
  2. Majlis Agama Islam Selangor
  3. MyPusaka
  4. As-Salihin
  5. MyAngkasa
  6. Pacific Trustee
  7. Amanah Raya Trustee
  8. Public Bank Trustee